Not only are balls fun, but ballroom dance is an inherently Christian activity, and we believe our parishes should be fostering and supporting excellent dancing.


However, most parishioners and parish leadership know very little about dance or ballroom etiquette, and as a result many churches hold "dances" that are anything but a dance. They are filled with meaningless movement and a lack of communication. We would go so far as to say such dances are un-Christian.

The CCBF provides beginner level lessons leading up to the ball. We focus on waltz, foxtrot, Viennese waltz and polka, all elegant dances, but also lively and fun! The pre-dance lessons are extremely important! It is impossible to have a dance unless a significant portion of your attendees know some dance and ball etiquette.

Read what Regina Magazine had to say about our dance.


To Your Parish

Why You ShouldHave a Ball!

Restore a Sense of Sacredness to the Culture

Our dances have the same sense of fun that a regular church dance has, but in addition they have a sense of beauty and wonder, Our dances strive to be as beautiful as the architecture of the finest churches.

Build Community

Dance, when done properly, is a natural community builder, bringing together people who otherwise might never meet. Combined dance events can help parishes work better together and share resources more efficiently.

Teach the Faith

Theology of Dance is about understanding the Christian faith using ballroom dance. In learning to dance well, we set the groundwork for understanding our Dance with Jesus in the music of the Holy Spirit.


How to get people to show up at a church or church event, who otherwise might never come? Offer an event they like, such as dance lessons or a dance! They get to hear how dance is appreciated by Christians and if they do want to learn more, information on Theology of Dance is available!